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A platform addressing issues that affect our society.
We gather information, inform target population and motivate them to act to improve existing situation.


ZHMMA uses media as a means to empower people through carefully targeted and contextualized messages on key themes. We provide space for people to voice their opinions on issues of leadership and governance, free and fair elections, peace building, and reconciliation while mainstreaming gender and socio economic justice

Peace Building
Identifying root causes of conflict is the way to prevent a repeat. Media-led responses to violent conflict works through facilitating links between rival parties, or engaging with affected and excluded sections of society. In order to build cohesion trustworthy radio and television messages can significantly mitigate conflict where damage has been realized. Media can also redefine perceptions and attitudes hence prevent conflicts.

Media Strengthening
In order to sustain growth in a country’s democracy media plays an important role to ensure issues of governance, human rights and all other polices reach the grassroots. ZHMMA intends to be part of the capacity building activities by among other ways improve the quality and authenticity of the facts and stories on media.  

Leadership and Governance
Media is very instrumental in strengthening democracy and accountability in a country. ZHMMA seeks to support the development of an independent, well-regulated and professional media sector, which gives information and voice to the citizens, helping them hold decision-makers to account.  Amidst the need for democratic governance many citizens are not capable of identifying good qualities in a leader and that is part of our intention.

Civil Society Strengthening
ZHMMA aims to use programmes to inform citizens on the electoral procedures including why and how they need to participate. We aim to promote the right to engage the government they elect by demanding accountability from an informed point.

Access to Information
Mainstream media has for a long time been the major source of information to the citizens. Biased opinion cannot be ruled out as an inhibitor to making independent and informed choices. For this reason we undertake projects that empower citizens on how to access more detailed information to ensure smart choices when needed.

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