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A platform addressing issues that affect our society.
We gather information, inform target population and motivate them to act to improve existing situation.


In this age and time all media forms can be strategically marshaled to drive an agenda in societies and the results are effective. ZHMMA produces messages and programmes for both radio and TV for social transformation.

ZHMMA endeavors to identify information needs, attitudes and perception on issues affecting the society; followed by a systematic training and production of appropriate messages for awareness.

As in many developing countries, radio is the main medium for delivering development information to the masses. Nearly all listeners use radio as a regular source of news and information. Rapid expansion and call-in shows have fostered increased public participation. The radio stations broadcasting in local languages have further redefined their target group of listeners.

ZHMMA is producing programs and spots for radio stations.

Different programs have been used to address diverse audiences for formal and non-formal learning purposes, with scientifically measured results. ZHMMA in partnership with independent film producers and media houses produces programmes for social transformation to communicate change in perceptions.

Mobile Phones for Development
Nearly half of all Africans have mobile phones. Availability of this technology even in the world's most remote and resource-scarce regions, makes it a critical tool for information. Therefore text messaging has become one of the most common means of communication, enabling SMS campaigns to inform citizens on emerging issues and to gauge public opinion on certain topics. This platform is vital in facilitating feedback from audiences when airing programs

Community Outreach
We have a vibrant network of NGOs and community based organizations who are channels of disseminating information and mobilization. We conduct mobile film screening followed by focus group discussions by use of audio visual equipment among urban poor and rural locations.    

ZHMMA aims to strengthen the media by building the capacity of key actors in order to improve professionalism and effectiveness.

Training themes range from best practices among journalists, quality and integrity of information, use of emerging ICT platforms among others. A self regulating and professional media has potential to positively influence political change processes and governance reforms in a country.

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